Onions! Which Onion to Grow! Onion Sets vs Onion Plants

Onions, bunching onions, little green onions

  "Onions are gross! We don't really like onions!"  That's what my daughter would say but I can't live without onions in my life!  Thank goodness there are so many onions to choose from ...some can be enjoyed throughout the gardening season and some you will grow for storage to enjoy after the gardening season. I can't even begin to say what my favorite onion is because I have never met an Onion I haven't loved. But for an early treat in the Spring, I really love the little green onions or some people call them 'scallions', 'spring … [Read more...]

Frugal But Healthy Snacks You Make For Your DOGS!

Healthy Treat Eaters/Recipe

I have made dog snacks and treats for years. But I did get in the habit of just picking up a bag at the store...it was easy. Yes, it is still easy but WOW on the prices of things these days. They use to be affordable but every time I go to the store things have gone up again.  One way we save a bunch of money it to make things ourselves. Our Doggies need treats and we can make those too.  I found a recipe a while back and I have changed it up some. But it is a good healthy and easy snack to make. PUMPKIN DROP COOKIES Preheat Oven to 400* F 1 … [Read more...]

EGGS AND MORE EGGS-What To Do With All Those Eggs!


Oh, the problems we Homesteaders face.....too many eggs is a Wonderful problem for any Frugal Homesteader to have.  We have 16 hens that produce more eggs than 3 people can use up. So, we have some regular customers who take 5-7 dozen a week off our hands and this goes into the 'Girls'  food and necessities fund! After our customers get their eggs, we look for ways to enjoy them ourselves, besides the usual breakfasts! Here are a few Egg-cellent ways to use up those eggs. Sell them to others Cooking and baking Egg Salad (for … [Read more...]