Frugal Gardening: Tomato Plants…Which Tomatoes Do I Plant? Determinate or Indeterminate?

We love getting that first tomato out of the garden.....what a treat!  There is nothing as good as a ripe, juicy tomato with some good bacon, crisp lettuce and Mayonnaise on some great toast.  Not to mention all the other great ways to eat tomatoes. So we really try to keep tomatoes going until that killing frost or freeze takes them out. We also love to make our own spaghetti sauce, Salsa, pizza sauce and juice to preserve by canning. It takes some thought and planning so we have the right tomato plants in our garden.  We don't run out and … [Read more...]

Frugal Gardening: Starting or Expanding Your Berry Patch!

Frugal Homesteader

  As a Homesteader, how can you start or expand your Berry patch without breaking the bank?  Especially if you have a large family to provide for and would like to preserve some berries for later. If you are just starting your Berry patch there are some frugal ways to obtain your plants.  Family, Friends, Neighbors,  check around and see if anyone is growing the berries you are looking for.  Definitely look to other homesteaders, they always are ready to help. They may have some starts you can get from them and most likely they … [Read more...]

Onions! Which Onion to Grow! Onion Sets vs Onion Plants

Onions, bunching onions, little green onions

  "Onions are gross! We don't really like onions!"  That's what my daughter would say but I can't live without onions in my life!  Thank goodness there are so many onions to choose from ...some can be enjoyed throughout the gardening season and some you will grow for storage to enjoy after the gardening season. I can't even begin to say what my favorite onion is because I have never met an Onion I haven't loved. But for an early treat in the Spring, I really love the little green onions or some people call them 'scallions', 'spring … [Read more...]

Frugal But Healthy Snacks You Make For Your DOGS!

Healthy Treat Eaters/Recipe

I have made dog snacks and treats for years. But I did get in the habit of just picking up a bag at the was easy. Yes, it is still easy but WOW on the prices of things these days. They use to be affordable but every time I go to the store things have gone up again.  One way we save a bunch of money it to make things ourselves. Our Doggies need treats and we can make those too.  I found a recipe a while back and I have changed it up some. But it is a good healthy and easy snack to make. PUMPKIN DROP COOKIES Preheat Oven to 400* F 1 … [Read more...]


Folks will sometimes pick their Garden Location without considering several crucial needs for a Productive Garden.       What are some of those Needs? SUNLIGHT SOIL QUALITY WATER SOURCE DISTANCE FROM HOUSE ELEVATION 1. SUNLIGHT- All of us know that Sunlight is Crucial for the growth and productivity in your Garden. Most Gardens should receive 6 hours of direct Sunlight each day. When you select your Garden Site, just watch out for Structures (houses, barns, trees, etc) that would cast a shadow over the Garden Site.  Now some of … [Read more...]


Homesteaders in the past, totally counted on that years Garden for survival . Today, we don't have to rely on the Home Garden like they did. But for most Homesteaders, the vegetable Garden is the main way we provide food for the family. So.....mastering Gardening techniques is, well, important. For some folks, Gardening can be a little intimidating. There are so many different crops you can plant, there is the WHEN and HOW to plant, where to locate the Garden, soil types and soil amendment, composting, weeding, pest control......well, we get … [Read more...]

Gardening Frugally with Our Under $20 Greenhouse!

starting seeds, frugal gardening, greenhouse

We had a few of our friends on Social Media ask us how our seedlings and seeds were doing with the recent cold snap, snow and ice.  We are so HAPPY with our little low cost greenhouse.  And we were happy to let everyone know that the seedlings not only survived the cold, ice and snow....they grew a lot!  And..more seeds have sprouted. We were concerned about the seeds sprouting and the seedlings surviving the cold because we do not heat this greenhouse. The styrofoam seed trays float on water. The idea behind this method is that the … [Read more...]

EGGS AND MORE EGGS-What To Do With All Those Eggs!


Oh, the problems we Homesteaders face.....too many eggs is a Wonderful problem for any Frugal Homesteader to have.  We have 16 hens that produce more eggs than 3 people can use up. So, we have some regular customers who take 5-7 dozen a week off our hands and this goes into the 'Girls'  food and necessities fund! After our customers get their eggs, we look for ways to enjoy them ourselves, besides the usual breakfasts! Here are a few Egg-cellent ways to use up those eggs. Sell them to others Cooking and baking Egg Salad (for … [Read more...]

How To Wash Those Dirty Eggs-Tips That Help

    When it comes to cleaning those beautiful eggs you collect from your 'Girls', there can be some differing opinions about whether you should wash them or not. We know that the eggs shells have several natural protective membranes that help keep bacteria and contaminants from getting inside the egg. However......if your 'Girls' are like mine...they love to get out and run around through whatever is out there....mud holes and 'poo' just happens.  And our 'Girls' can't help but track that stuff back to the nest when … [Read more...]

Reviving Old Time Skills by Raising Your Own Plants From Seeds

starting your own seeds is frugal

After the hustle and bustle of fall cleanup on the yard and garden and all your harvest is in the pantry, freezer or cellar. You have all the farm animals tucked in the barn and all is ready for the first snowfall and freeze...We take a brief rest!  But if you are a serious gardener you cannot just sit through winter and NOT think about next years garden.  This is when our big 'Winter Garden' begins to grow!  If you are like us you pull out the grid paper and plan out every inch of ground you have, making sure to rotate those crops.  And as … [Read more...]