Gardening Frugally with Our Under $20 Greenhouse!

We had a few of our friends on Social Media ask us how our seedlings and seeds were doing with the recent cold snap, snow and ice.  We are so HAPPY with our little low cost greenhouse.  And we were happy to let everyone know that the seedlings not only survived the cold, ice and snow….they grew a lot!  And..more seeds have sprouted.

starting seeds, frugal gardening, greenhouse

Starting our seeds in our low cost, re-purposed, greenhouse.

We were concerned about the seeds sprouting and the seedlings surviving the cold because we do not heat this greenhouse. The styrofoam seed trays float on water. The idea behind this method is that the water keeps the temperature from fluctuating….even when it is cold and snowy outside…the seeds and seedlings are kept from freezing or even getting a chill that would kill them.  We love this method.    An older man that lives over the hill from us has used this method for starting seeds for several years now and he is a pro at it. We love seeing others projects and how they do things. This helps us learn and grow as Gardeners and Homesteaders. It also helps us discover more frugal ways to Homestead.

Seed starting/greenhouse

Seeds are sprouting and coming up everyday.

We did experience a little issue out at the greenhouse…..

Baby Bella is making sure that Miko knows who the boss is....

Baby Bella is making sure that Miko knows who the boss is….

These two are so entertaining….we love to stop our work to enjoy moments like this.

Our excitement for the gardening season is greater now that we have our little greenhouse. We can’t wait for that first Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Cabbage and all the other delicious things we will be growing in our garden. And thanks to this Under $20 Greenhouse, we will be doing it all so Frugally!

Happy Homesteading to you all and come back and see us again here at Homesteading Frugally!

Marcia and Melvin