Seed Excitement

  Oh my, it's getting close to seed planting time.......I'm so EXCITED!!!   Does anyone else get excited about getting those seeds in some dirt??  What seeds will you sow for your garden this year?   We just ordered fresh seeds and feel that it just makes sense to start our seeds and raise our own plants for the garden.  It's so fulfilling and exciting to plant seeds and watch them grow!  Besides that, it is also frugal!   So order those seeds and get your 2023 garden on track.   I saw this and thought it just so … [Read more...]

Onions! Which Onion to Grow! Onion Sets vs Onion Plants

Onions, bunching onions, little green onions

  "Onions are gross! We don't really like onions!"  That's what my daughter would say but I can't live without onions in my life!  Thank goodness there are so many onions to choose from ...some can be enjoyed throughout the gardening season and some you will grow for storage to enjoy after the gardening season. I can't even begin to say what my favorite onion is because I have never met an Onion I haven't loved. But for an early treat in the Spring, I really love the little green onions or some people call them 'scallions', 'spring … [Read more...]