Onions! Which Onion to Grow! Onion Sets vs Onion Plants

Onions, bunching onions, little green onions

  "Onions are gross! We don't really like onions!"  That's what my daughter would say but I can't live without onions in my life!  Thank goodness there are so many onions to choose from ...some can be enjoyed throughout the gardening season and some you will grow for storage to enjoy after the gardening season. I can't even begin to say what my favorite onion is because I have never met an Onion I haven't loved. But for an early treat in the Spring, I really love the little green onions or some people call them 'scallions', 'spring … [Read more...]

Homesteading Frugally: Mushroom Foraging

Mushrooms, Chanterelles, Frugal Foraging

Most folks purchase their mushrooms from the grocery store and you can get some good mushrooms there. But to really get something more amazingly tasty you really need to get out in the fields and woods and forage for some mushrooms. There is nothing like an earthy, fruity mushroom you pull from the forest floor. Not to mention the quiet, reflective time roaming around all the beauty the forest and fields offer. And another plus......It is a very frugal, money saving thing to forage for your food. When you find those favorite spots you will … [Read more...]